Clinical Notes

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Patient present her today for xxxx

No contraindications for treatment

Patient underwent 

    Removal of wisdom teeth 

         FBI 1, 16

         PBI 17,32


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Dr. Joseph Krajekian

General Post-op NOTE 

Patient here for post-op from xxxxxxx   4 weeks ago

Medical History, Medication reviewed no change from last visit.

Patient report 



    Surgical site healing well

    No evidence or swelling, erythema, infection

    No evidence of discharge

    Healing is appropriate 


    Panoramic xray obtained and reviewed 

    Adequate bone healing, no evidence of pathology noted


   Patient is 4 weeks postop from xxxxxxx 

   Doing well, no particular issues

   Healing well.


      - Continue current management

      - Next visit - following with OS in 4 weeks.

Dr. Joseph Krajekian

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