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Clinical Notes

Wisdom Teeth Consult


Patient was pre-screened per Company and OS protocol prior to appointment.

Patient was screening when they arrived to the practice. 

​COVID-19 Consent was completed in addition all OS paperwork . Patient signature was verified.

​Room was disinfected using Super Sani-Cloth Germicidal Disposable Wipe (EPA Reg # 9480-4 ) techniques per manufactures protocols, followed by Clorox® Clean-Up® Cleaner + Bleach (EPA Reg. No. 5813-21) Spray and room dry. Room was verified by the other assistant for completion via COVID-19 Room disinfection checklist.

​​Patient also rinsed with 1.5% hydrogen peroxide for 30 second 

​​Progress Note
Patient seen at the request of the office general dentist for evaluation and extraction of wisdom teeth. Patient reports occasional discomfort in right and left jaw for several months.

Review of Symptoms
Facial pain                    Yes                                   Snoring                        No
Pain with chewing          No                                    Bleeding Gum             No
Lumps in the neck          No                                    Difficulty Swallowing   No
Lumps in face                 No                                    Pain Swallowing          No
Shortness of breath        No                                    Limited Opening         No
TMJ pain                        No                                    Sinus Pain                   No
Dry Mouth                      No                                    Chills                            No
Fever                              No                                    Nausea / Vomiting       No
Hoarseness                     No

Past Medical History
See med history from (in Document Center)

​​Past Surgical History
See med history form (in Document Center)

See med history form (in Document Center)

See med history form  (in Document Center)

Social History
Smoking – See med history form  (in Document Center)
Alcohol - See med history form  (in Document Center)
Drugs - See med history form  (in Document Center)

Extraoral, Head and Neck exam:
Constitutional: general appearance of patient 
No extraoral swelling or erythema
Parotid and submandibular glands soft, nonpainful to palpation bilaterally
No lesion noted on facial skin
Facial palpitation exam reviews no swelling or no lymphadenopathy
CN V1, V2, V3, CN VII intact bilaterally
No neck masses noted
Thyroid midline with no evidence of any swelling
Musculoskeletal: TMJ joint seems to be normal. No popping upon opening
Maximum mouth opening within normal range

Intraoral Soft Tissues:
Clear saliva extruded from bilateral Wharton's and Stenson's ducts
Tongue soft and non-tender with no apparent lesions
Buccal mucosa without lesions bilaterally
Hard palate, soft palate, and pharynx are within normal limits no pathology visualized
Floor of mouth without an evidence of pathology
Gingival tissues are pink, firm, and stippled and without erythema or swelling

Normal complimentary maxillary and mandibular teeth

Radiographic examination:
Panorex reviewed demonstrates
No bony pathology.  

FBI 1, 16   

FBI 17,32

Extraction of teeth # 1.16,17, 32 with Local, nitrous and under General Anesthesia​

FBI 1, 16  FBI 17,32   IV Sedation 1 hour

Risk benefit complications discussed with patient

NPO, Escort discussed 

All questions answered. 

Joseph Krajekian DMD, MD, FAAOMS, DABOMS

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