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Continuing Education

Crisis Management of

Medical Emergency in Dental Office


Course will be based on NASA Simulation Training Protocols

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100% of the your donation

is Tax Deductible (reciept will be provided)

Syrian American Medical Association (SAMS)


Date : Saturday April 15, 2023

Time : 8-2

Dr Joseph Krajekian

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Who Should Attend

All Doctors, Hygienist, Lead dental assistant, Office Leaders 

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April 10, 2023

Dr Alan Martinez

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon


Roe Dental Lab

7165 E Pleasant Valley Rd,

Independence OH 44131


This course is provided at NO COST. Attendees are encouraged to provide 100% taxable donation toward upcoming SAMS Missions in May 2023 for dental and oral and maxillofacial surgery lead by Dr Joseph Krajekian the Global Chair of the CranioMaxillofacial Surgery Committee of SAMS


(Tax Deductable Donation)

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This new state of the art interactive course with collaboration with Metro Hospital Simulation Lab. The course focuses on handling of medical emergencies in dental office using clinical simulated scenarios. This is a fast paced, unique, interactive and hands-on course. 

The program is individualized and will provide a true clinical simulation experience to address preparation, prevention, recognition and management of medical emergencies in the dental office.

Following a brief introductory lecture explaining essential emergence management principles. The participants will break into small groups and will have the opportunity to apply the principles to hands-on-practice at specific emergency tasks utilizing the SimMan - a high tech interactive mannequin simulating live patient experience.

Upon completion of this course the attendees should be able to

  • Prevent, Prepare, Recognize and Manage the most common emergencies that occur in dental practice.

  • Identify predisposing factors and learn appropriate measures to prevent them.

  • Understand pathophysiologic response to medical emergencies and their management

  • Understand and demonstrates ability to be a team leader in an office emergency.

  • Structure an effective office medical emergency team and delegate responsibilities

  • Choose the appropriate emergency drug kit and equipment for office

Course Testimonials 

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