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SMAS : Syrian American Medical Society     CMF : CranioMaxillofacial Surgery    


The  group is a subdivision of Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) launched in 2023 to provide highly professional specialty services with focus on oral and facial surgery to the Syrian refugee population supported by SAMS

Our Mission / Our Values

Our Vision / our Mission

To deliver life-changing, high-quality surgical services with a focus on the oral and facial skeleton via a multispeciality approach in various countries supported by SAMS. Our committee’s mission will be focused on the following objectives

  • Empower and create sustainable surgical infrastructure to assist the local healthcare system to be supported.

  • Maintain high quality, high-level specialized service that other NGOs cannot provide

  • Provide continuous telehealth and advisory support to existing infrastructure.

  • Services will be provided by specialized providers that are experts in their field

  • Encourage students, US and international, to participate in our missions to stimulate and encourage the next generation of healthcare providers to con

  • Partner with Local institutions to provide Continuing education and partnership with local academic infrastructure.


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Craniofacial Surgeon

ENT Surgeon

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Maxillofacial Orthodontist

Committee Members

Committee Chair
Committee Vice Chair
Committee Vice Chair
ENT Subcommittee
Plastic Subcommittee
OMFS Subcommittee
Orthodontics Subcommittee
  • Dr John Smith




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